How to: Soda Tab Jewelry

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Things You'll Need

  • Soda can tabs

  • Elastic cord or ribbon

Save your soda can tabs and create inexpensive and unique eco-friendly jewelry.

After you drink all those canned sodas, recycle your tabs and make inexpensive and creative aluminum jewelry. Soda tab jewelry is eco-friendly and can be fashioned out of everyday household items, such as string, ribbon or yarn. Whether you keep the tabs plain silver or cover them with glitter, you can weave a one-of-a-kind necklace or a funky bracelet following these simple, child-friendly instructions.


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Step 1

Count out 30 soda can tabs. You may need more or less depending on your wrist size.

Step 2

Cut one piece of elastic cord at least twice the length of the circumference of our wrist. If you want a tighter fit, cut the cord a little shorter.


Step 3

Lay a tab on a surface, smooth side up. Place it lengthwise to look like a number 8. String the cord through the tab by pulling one end down through the top hole and the other end down through the bottom hole. Even out the cord lengths, so they are equal length.

Step 4

Set another tab beneath the strung tab so that the rough sides are facing each other. Grab the top string from below and pull through the top holes of both tabs. Do the same for the bottom holes.


Step 5

Lay another tab, smooth side up, next to the first tab and on top of the second tab. Cross the top and bottom cords so that the top cord now strings through the bottom tab hole and the bottom cord now strings through the top hole. The cords should look like an "X." Thread the top cord down through the top holes on the second and third tab. Thread the bottom cord down through the bottom holes on the second and third tab.


Step 6

Place another tab below the elastic cords with the rough side facing up and repeat Step 4. Continue repeating steps 4-5 until you can wrap the bracelet around your wrist.

Step 7

Secure cord ends in a double knot and snip the excess elastic.


You can use any type of string to make your jewelry, such as rope, twine or yarn. To make a necklace, simply measure out longer pieces of cord.