How to Make Adult Bo Peep Costumes

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Things You'll Need

  • Blue dress

  • Short crinoline

  • White ruffled socks

  • White Mary Janes

  • White bonnet

  • Wooden cane

  • White paint

  • Stuffed sheet

Little Bo Peep is a well-known character from a nursery rhyme that dresses in a pretty blue dress and herds sheep. While little girls might want to dress up as Little Bo Peep, adult women who have fond memories of the nursery rhyme can dress up as the character as well. Creating your own Little Bo Peep costume is simple, as long as you gather some items from around the house or a local thrift shop.


Step 1

Wear a blue dress as the base of your Little Bo Peep costume. The dress should be fitted in the bodice and then have a short, flaring skirt. The dress can have long or short sleeves, depending on your preference.

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Step 2

Wear a short crinoline beneath the skirt of your dress so that it flares out like Little Bo Peep's. You can find crinolines at formal wear stores or costume shops.

Step 3

Add accessories to your outfit to make it look more like Little Bo Peep. Wear a white bonnet over your hair, ruffled white socks and white Mary Jane shoes to complete the outfit.

Step 4

Paint a wooden cane with white paint to create the staff that Little Bo Peep carries.

Step 5

Carry a stuffed sheep with you to complete the Little Bo Peep look.


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