How to Make a Pilot Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • White pants

  • Short-sleeved, white, button-down shirt

  • Black shoes

  • Black tie

  • Cardboard

  • Markers

  • Fabric tape

  • Pilot's hat

  • Aviator sunglasses

Dress up like a pilot for Halloween.

Becoming a pilot is a dream for many people, whether they are adults or children. When you are creating a costume for someone in your life, consider making a pilot costume. This costume is pretty easy to make and can be achieved with items you already own, or through a quick trip to a thrift store or costume shop. Whether you create a costume for a military pilot or a commercial pilot, it would be a great option for a Halloween party or another occasion.


Step 1

Wear white pants, a short-sleeved, white, button-down shirt and a pair of black shoes as the base layer of your pilot uniform.

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Step 2

Put on a black tie with the outfit.

Step 3

Cut two rectangles from a piece of cardboard that are about 2 inches wide by 3 inches long. Use markers to draw stripes on the pieces of cardboard so they look like epaulets. Attach the epaulets to the shoulders of your shirt using fabric tape.

Step 4

Purchase a pilot's hat from a local costume shop or online and wear it, along with a pair of aviator sunglasses, to complete the look.

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