How to Install Waste King Legend 3300 Disposer

Installing the Waste King Legend 3300 disposer is similar to installing most other food disposers. The Waste King disposer attaches to a mounting ring that is secured to the metal flange inside the sink drain. The disposer is installed with just a few common shop tools and can be finished in about an hour. The Waste King disposer also comes with the power cord attached so it can be plugged into the electrical outlet.

Things You'll Need

  • Dish soap
  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe wrench

Video of the Day

Turn off the power to the food disposer at the breaker box before installing the Waste King Legend 3300 disposer. Rotate the mount ring clockwise to remove the mount assembly from the new disposer.

Place the rubber gasket around the bottom of the sink flange and position the sink flange in the drain hole through the topside of the sink. Press down on the flange to seat the rubber gasket securely in the drain.

Place the fiber gasket over the flange from underneath the sink and thread the support ring onto the flange by hand with the arrows pointing up until the ring is tight on the flange. Put the stopper over the drain and fill the sink with water to verify there are no leaks. If the sink is leaking, tighten the support ring until the leak stops.

Slide the mount ring over the sink flange from underneath and attach the cushion mount to the flange with the large side facing down. Place a thin layer of dish soap around the lip of the cushion mount to lubricate the part and slide the new disposer over the flange underneath the cushion mount.

Turn the disposer so the discharge elbow lines up with the P-trap drain piping and slide the mount ring counterclockwise to lock the disposer in place. Tighten the screw clamp on the mount ring with a screwdriver to fasten the disposer to the mount.

Attach the elbow discharge pipe to the back of the disposer and secure the elbow to the P-trap of the piping under the sink with a pipe wrench. Plug the power cord of the disposer into the power source and turn the breaker switch on at the breaker box to restore power to the Waste King Legend 3300 Disposer.

Tips & Warnings

  • To avoid electric shock, turn off the circuit breaker switch before attempting to install the Waste King Legend 3300 Disposer.


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