Threading Instructions for the Sew Easy Sewing Machine

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When you are learning to use a new sewing machine, all of the gears can become confusing and prevent you from wanting to try using the machine. However, there are many sewing machines that are designed to be intuitive for new users, such as the Sew Easy sewing machine. You can thread the Sew Easy machine in no time, which will enable you to use the machine with a feeling of accomplishment.


Step 1

Place a spool of thread onto the spool hook on top of the Sew Easy sewing machine.

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Step 2

Pull the thread underneath the tension dial and then loop it up through the take-up lever.

Step 3

Insert the thread into the sewing machine needle and then pull the thread to the right a few inches.

Step 4

Insert a threaded bobbin underneath the needle plate.

Step 5

Pull the thread from the bobbin by 4 inches through the presser foot. Close the presser foot to begin sewing.

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