How to Eliminate Squirrel Problems

While squirrels may appear cute and harmless, squirrels can damage your home, garden or belongings. Squirrels can carry and transmit diseases, bacteria and parasites. Like rats, squirrels can invade your home, outbuildings and attic. Getting rid of them is easy, but keeping them gone takes dedication. With a little know-how and determination, you can easily eliminate squirrel problems and keep the woodland creatures out of your hair.

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Step 1

Capture squirrels in live traps that do not harm them. Contact your local wildlife management organization to rent or borrow traps or buy them at a local hardware store. Release captured squirrels in a wooded area far from your home. This keeps that squirrel and possibly its family away from your home.

Step 2

Keep prospective squirrel inhabitants at bay with baited traps, artificial snakes in trees, cats and natural squirrel repellent. Chili powder, chemical repellent and predator urine around your home can keep squirrels from sticking around.

Step 3

Fill in holes or entrances to your buildings or home to keep squirrels from getting into your living space. Loose eaves, broken windows or holes in the roof provide easy access to squirrels and encourage them to squeeze in for shelter. Unlike rats, squirrels will rarely chew holes to gain entrance.

Step 4

Remove food sources or bait from your home and yard to keep squirrels away. Fence in your garden and regularly clear your roof of acorns, pine cones or nuts that squirrels may desire. Use squirrel-proof bird feeders to keep the birds coming and the squirrels out.

Step 5

Trim back any trees that are close to your home or buildings. Keep branches about 10 feet away from your home or more to make it harder for squirrels to jump onto the roof. This also keeps nuts and pine cones off of your roof.

Step 6

Contact a pest control professional to handle your squirrel problem if it becomes unmanageable.


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