How to Make a Davy Jones Costume at Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Pantyhose

  • Cotton

  • Black boots

  • Black long-sleeve shirt

  • Oversized black pants

  • Belt

  • Toy sword

  • Black pirate hat

  • Seashells

  • Glue gun

Coming up with a costume idea can always be a challenge. Whether you need a costume for Halloween, an office party or other get together, creating a costume at home can save you money and make your look more unique. Dressing up as the mythical Davy Jones is a fantastic costume idea. Davy Jones is the subject of several nautical myths. He is believed to be in charge of Davy Jones' Locker, the horrible place sailors gone overboard are sent. Dress up as the scary Davy Jones for your next party.


Step 1

Create Davy's tentacles. Davy Jones' face is completely covered in long, dangling tentacles that make him appear like a sea-creature. Take some pantyhose that is tapered at the end and stuff it with some cotton. Put enough cotton in to give the tentacles shape, but not so much that the pantyhose stretches and makes the tentacles too big. Cut the pantyhose if the tentacles are looking too long for your face. Repeat this process with several different pairs of pantyhose until you have enough tentacles to get the appropriate look (approximately 15 to 20).

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Step 2

Attach the tentacles to the pirate hat so they will stay all around the front of your face. Glue, tape or sew the tentacles straight to the hat.

Step 3

Glue seashells to your shirt and pants with a hot glue gun. These shells will represent those that have stuck to Davy Jones after all his time at the bottom of the ocean. If you find any other sea-floor objects, like seaweed, that you would like to attach to the costume, you can customize it however you like. Make sure whatever you decide to add will help Davy Jones look scary.


Step 4

Put on the black shirt and pants. Davy Jones is a terrible, ghastly sea-being. Your shirt and pants should be slightly oversized, baggy (especially your pants) and show marks of distress. Fray your sleeves and cut, slice, or stain the clothes however you like to get a worn look.

Step 5

Put on your black boots and tuck your pants into the top. This will make your pants baggier in the middle, which is how a pirate would look.


Step 6

Attach your toy sword to your belt and add any other accessories that you would like to complete your Davy Jones look. Sometimes Davy Jones is depicted with a moss-covered walking stick. Another fun accessory would be carrying around a small treasure chest. Davy Jones' heart, according to myth, is locked away in a chest.


Some interpretations of Davy Jones depict him as a ghost. Use some stage makeup to pale your face and enhance your look. Get your friends to dress up in similar outfits and they can be your henchmen.


Exercise caution when using a glue gun around children.


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