How to Knit With a Singer Knitting Machine for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Large, blunt needle

Singer's knitting machine allows kids to enjoy making basic knit stitches on an easy-to-use tool. The Singer kids knitting machine creates granny circle shapes that can be joined. Patterns for doll clothes and other projects are based on this shape.


Step 1

Position the machine so that the handle is on your right side. Lower the end of the yarn into the large hole in the middle of the machine. The end of the yarn should touch the table under the knitting machine. Turn the handle slowly until the colored needle is directly on the left side of the yarn guide. This colored needle is the starting needle. Slide yarn behind the needle next to the starting needle as it raises. Slide yarn behind the next needle and continue this pattern until you have reached the starting needle again.

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Step 2

Lift the zigzag tension arm and slide yarn through the yarn guide and into the top of the arm. Pull the yarn to the left, sliding it into the second slot and behind the second zigzag. Pull yarn to the right and through the third slot, over the third zigzag. For the fourth slot, pull the yarn left and behind the fourth zigzag. The yarn should now be behind the last needle and through the yarn guide. It has been weaved through the tension arm and held by both the second and last zigzag. The tension arm should be upright.


Step 3

Feed out yarn so that the there is plenty of slack. Turning the handle away from your body slowly, count how many times the starting needle goes around. Every time that the starting needle passes the yarn guide, makes one row. Continue for a total of 12 rows. When you stop, the starting needle will be exactly one space to the right of yarn guide.

Step 4

Remove the yarn from tension arm and yarn guide. Cut end, leaving a tail of approximately 8 to 10 inches. Thread your large blunt needle with this tail. Position the threaded needle over the center of the machine's hole. Turn the handle until the starting needle is one-quarter of the way around and level with the handle. The starting needle will now release yarn, making a light clicking sound. As it releases stitches, you will pick them up, working your way around the circle.


Step 5

Pick up stitches with your threaded needle and pull through when machine lets go. Turn handle very slowly and continue process until you have completed all stitches.

Step 6

Hold ends, one in each hand and pull gently. This will cause stitches to gather and the ends to close, leaving you with a tube shape with tail at each end. Prevent unraveling by sliding a threaded needle through any two stitches on each side of middle hole and making a loop. Slide needle through loop and make a simple knot; this is a locking stitch.


Step 7

Pull on each end of the tube to tighten stitches. Your piece is now a granny tube and can be used in this shape for projects. To complete the granny circle push the ends together. Align the end holes and slide threaded needle through. Construct another locking stitch to complete circle.


Patterns can be found in the References section.


These directions are written for right-handed knitters. If you are left handed, reverse the sides and position of the machine.


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