How to Make a Piccolo Costume

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Piccolo is a green, alien character from the Japanese manga and anime series Dragon Ball. According to the manga, the name "Piccolo," in Piccolo's alien language, means "another world." The character features green skin and a hairless head with pointed ears. Sometimes the character is seen with a white cloth wrapped around his head, that looks like a cross between a bandage and a tight-fitting turban. His clothing usually consists of a dark purple, sleeveless, top that originally had the Kanji for "demon" on the front. He also wore matching dark purple, baggy-fitting pants and is sometimes portrayed with a white cape draped around his shoulders.


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Things You'll Need

  • Dark purple sweatsuit

  • Scissors

  • Dark green theater paint (for face and body)

  • Makeup applicator sponge

  • Dark green wig cap or bald head prop

  • Dark green long-sleeve shirt

  • Dark green gloves

  • Blue strip of cloth approximately 8-by-60 inches (or longer)

  • Pointed ears such as for an elf or Star Trek costume

  • White sheet or large white cloth (optional)

  • White bandage or long strip of cloth (optional)

  • Safety pins

  • Brown shoes

Step 1

Cut the sleeves off the sweatshirt or use a matching dark purple sleeveless shirt in place of the sweatshirt. Put the pants and top on, as well as the brown shoes.


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Step 2

Put the wig cap or bald head prop on so it covers the hair on top of the head. If wrapping the head in the bandage-like turban, this is not absolutely necessary unless desired.

Step 3

Apply the dark green theater paint to the entire face area, and over the bald head piece if using. Apply the green paint to the arms and hands, if desired. Alternatively, wear a long-sleeve dark green shirt under the sleeveless shirt, and wear green gloves.


Step 4

Wrap the blue cloth around waist several times, bunching it to give the bunched look of Piccolo's belt. Tuck the end behind the wrapped cloth to secure in place.

Step 5

Drape the white sheet or cloth over shoulders from behind the body and the wrap the ends across the chest. Secure the ends with safety pins.


Step 6

Wrap the white cloth strip or bandage around head, if desired. Leave the top open. Secure the end with a safety pin or tuck underneath the wrapped part, close the the head.


Wrap the head wrap similar to bandaging a head wound (see Resources).


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