How to Write Thank You Notes for Gifts of Money

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Send a thank you note to someone who gave you a gift.

When someone gives you a monetary gift, whether it is for your graduation, wedding or another occasion, the rules of etiquette dictate that you send a thank you note. Not only does the note express your gratitude to the giver, it is a nice way to let him know what you plan to do with the money. Send the note in a timely manner and make sure it is personal.


Step 1

Take out a piece of stationery and a pen. Always hand write your thank you notes, as that makes them more personal than a typed letter.

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Step 2

Begin your note with a salutation, such as "Dear Mrs. Jones." Use the person's first name if you know him or her well.


Step 3

Start the note with a sentence thanking the giver for the money. However, don't use the word "money," "cash" or any other monetary euphemism. Instead, refer to the money as the "generous gift," as simply the "gift" or something similar.

Step 4

Tell the giver how you spent or plan to spend the money. For example, say that you will use the gift to help with a down payment on your home or to purchase books for the new school year.


Step 5

Add a sentence that tells the giver how much you will enjoy whatever you plan to spend the money on. For example, if you will spend it on a guide book for your trip to Italy, say something like "I look forward to planning my trip and finding fun things to do in my guide book."

Step 6

Say something in closing about your relationship with the person if you are close. If you are not close to the person you are thanking, simply wish him well.

Step 7

Close your note with a phrase such as "Kind regards," "Thanks again" or "Sincerely."



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