How to Fold Money Into a Christmas Tree

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When you ask somebody for Christmas gift ideas, the last thing you may want to hear from them is "money." Because, while it's certainly a practical choice, it does take away the thrill of watching someone open your gift. But there's a clever solution to the money gifts problem, and it's not a new idea. This year, gift your loved ones an origami Christmas tree.


Money origami makes giving a cash gift a lot more fun, whether you're handing out one-dollar bills or a whole lot more. And all it takes is a few step-by-step instructions to learn how to create dollar bill origami like a pro.

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Video of the Day

So say goodbye to handing out boring envelopes of cash or gift cards. With our helpful DIY tutorial, you can fold dollar bills just like you would making other paper crafts out of origami paper. Because after all, paper money gifts are a fun way to give that special someone in your life exactly what they want for Christmas this year and still make it meaningful.

Things You'll Need

  • Dollar bills in the denomination of your choice

  • Tape (optional)

How to fold money

Learning how to fold dollar bill origami is as simple as following a few money-folding instructions. In fact, it's such an easy origami project that even beginners can do it with ease.



Always use new, crisp bills for money origami projects, available at your bank. Old, crinkly bills do not have the same presentation factor.

1. Lay the dollar vertically

Lay the dollar bill vertically on a flat surface.

2. Fold the dollar lengthwise

Fold the dollar lengthwise, make a crease and open the dollar back up.


3. Fold the dollar crosswise

Fold the dollar crosswise.

4. Make folded corners

Starting at the halfway mark on the right side of the bill, bend the bottom corner to extend just past the halfway mark and fold the tip of that point to the right.


5. Repeat steps 3 and 5

Repeat those last two steps on the bottom left side of the bill, bending the bottom edge and folding the tip back to the left. You then need to make the same folds at the top right and left sides of the bill. The top and bottom of the bill will be pointed, with a kayak-like shape.


6. Make a triangle shape

Now, fold the bill in half along the horizontal line you originally made. You should have a triangle shape with two smooth sides. Fold the top layer halfway down and gently pull out the pointed tip. You can fold back that point on the end to make the bottom look like a tree trunk.




To ensure that the folds all stay in place, taping the bill at this stage is an option.

Making a money origami tree

To make your gift even more impressive, turn several folded dollars into a money origami tree with money flowers. It may sound complicated, but learning how to fold a Christmas money tree is not nearly as difficult as it seems.


Things You'll Need

  • Small pot

  • 12 to 14-inch dowel rod

  • 5-inch foam ball

  • Floral foam

  • U-shaped floral pins

  • Decorations for the pot (optional)

1. Prepare the pot

Place one end of the dowel rod halfway into the foam ball, and put the floral foam snugly inside the pot. Push the other side of the rod down into the floral foam.

2. Create money flowers

Carefully pinch a dollar bill in the middle to make its ends point upwards, almost like a bow or flower. Attach it to the foam ball with a floral pin. Repeat this with the other bills until the foam ball is covered in its entirety.

Now get ready to enjoy gifting your money origami to that someone special!



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