How to Make an Origami Christmas Tree Topper

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Origami Christmas toppers take little time or expense to make.
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Things You'll Need

  • Silver or gold origami paper

  • Glue dots

  • 22-gauge silver or gold craft wire

  • Wire nips

  • Silver or gold wrapping paper

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Glue sticks

Christmastime often heralds a busy time full of gift wrapping, cookie baking and plenty of money spending. If you're trying to keep to budget by making some of your own decorations, don't stop at garland. Make an origami tree Christmas topper. These origami stars not only cost little to nothing, you can also customize them to your tree decoration scheme. There are two kinds of toppers you can make: one simple enough for your tiniest tots and one you and your teens will love.


Kids' Origami Star

Step 1: Make Three Paper Triangles

Fold three pieces of silver or gold origami paper in half diagonally, creating three triangles. Turn two of your triangles so the folds face away from each other and the open flaps nearly touch.

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Step 2: Open and Glue

Open the left triangle, and place a glue dot on the upper part of the bottom inside flap. Press the upper inside of the top flap on your right triangle into the glue dot.

Step 3: Glue and Secure

Apply another glue dot to the upper inside of the bottom flap of the right triangle. Press it into the outside of the left triangle's bottom flap. Secure the upper flap of the left triangle to the top flap of the right triangle with another glue dot. This should create an arrowhead with a forked bottom.


Step 4: Open the Third Triangle

Open your third triangle, and place a glue dot on the bottom flap near the point. Press the top flap into the bottom. Flip the triangle over, and place a glue dot on the center of its back.

Step 5: Cross the Arrowhead

Press the triangle into your arrowhead with the flat fold cutting across the arrowhead about an inch down from the top point.


Step 6: Cut the Craft Wire

Cut a piece of craft wire about 6 inches long. Twist the bottom 3 inches into a circular loop. Secure the top 3 inches to the back of your star with several glue dots. Slide the wire loop down onto your tree to mount the star and hang your paper tree topper.

Grownup Starry Star

Step 1: Cut Wrapping Paper Strips for Your Paper Tree Topper

Cut your wrapping paper into strips about ¼ inch wide and 20 inches long. Gently tie a single knot into the end of one of the strips. Flatten the knot, creating a small pentagon.


Step 2: Wrap the Pentagon

Wrap the rest of the strip around the pentagon. As you fold, the paper should want to fold over all the edges of the pentagon, creating a thicker pentagon as you go. When the strip is totally folded, tuck the end into one of the pentagon's folds.

Step 3: Dent the Pentagon

Grip one of the pentagon's angles and squeeze, denting the sides. Dent all the sides this way to create a tiny, puffy star. Create at least 49 more stars this way.


Step 4: Glue and Press

Squeeze a very small dot of hot glue onto each of the points of one of your stars. Press the points of five more stars into the points of the first star. Continue building outward, gluing your stars together into a larger star shape. Allow the glue to dry for about 30 minutes when finished.


Step 5: Make Wire Circles

Nip three 3-inch pieces of wire. Bend them into circles, and glue them in a straight line down the back of your large star. After 30 minutes of dry time, slide the star onto your tree via the wire circles. Place your origami Christmas ornament on the tree.


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