How to Decorate With Diamond Plate

This is a classic example of diamond plate.
This is a classic example of diamond plate. (Image: NA/ Images)

Diamond plate is a light form of metal that has a design of textured, skinny diamonds, raised upon the surface. It usually consists of a blend of steel or aluminum. People use this material on floors to create a surface that is slip resistant, or on the exterior of vehicle. With a tough, industrial feel and a sleek design, you can also use diamond plate decoratively, to give the interiors of your home an edgy, urban look.

Things You'll Need

  • Step stool or ladder
  • Screws
  • Hand drill
  • Diamond plate

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Diamond Plate Wallpaper

Measure a single wall in your room and write down the dimensions. Visit a home supply store and purchase six sheets of diamond plate, all the same size. When laid side by side, the sheets should equal the dimensions of your wall. Verify that the sheets you buy have pre-drilled holes.

Grab the first sheet of diamond plate with one hand and carefully climb up a step stool or ladder. Install screws into the hole at the top of each corner with a hand drill. Step down the ladder and install screws into the remaining holes.

Grab each subsequent piece of diamond plate and screw them into the wall in a similar fashion. When finished you will have a single wall of diamond plate, an undeniably industrial decor addition to your room.


Measure the length and width of the headboard on your bed. Write down the measurements. Visit a home supply store a purchase a single sheet of diamond plate in those dimensions. Make sure that each corner of the diamond plate has a hole for a small screw.

Position the diamond plate in line with your matress. Prop it up on the mattress so that your hands are free. Install the top screws in the right and left corners with a hand drill.

Adjust the diamond plate so that it is properly flush against the wall. Screw in the remaining screws with your hand drill.


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