17 Cheap & Easy DIY Easter Decorations Your Home Needs

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How to Make Cheap Easter Decorations
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Bunnies, colored eggs, candy baskets and pretty pastels all mark the celebration of Easter. If you're looking for inexpensive ways to make your home more festive in honor of this spring holiday, you're in the right place. We've put together 17 DIY projects that will brighten your home, get you ready to welcome spring and celebrate Easter — all without breaking the bank.

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Homemade Easter Egg Coloring
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Easter Egg Place Settings

Coloring eggs is an Easter must. Fruits, veggies, spices and even coffee can give you a palette of natural color and the satisfaction of knowing your eggs contain no harmful chemicals. Nestled in a faux birds' nest filled with Spanish moss, these beautiful eggs make an elegant table setting for your Easter brunch.

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Wheatgrass basket centerpiece
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Wheatgrass Centerpieces

From tiny egg cup placeholders to delightful hurricane centerpieces, wheatgrass is a versatile way to bring springtime indoors. Add a live touch to your Easter décor with this classic springtime greenery.

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Asparagus stem flower basket
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A Cheerful Floral Arrangement

There's no better way to celebrate spring or Easter than with flowers. Flowers are the epitome of rebirth, and this lovely arrangement cleverly incorporates an asparagus stem basket to give it an even more natural feel. Indoors or out, this cheerful creation adds a spring vibe to any table.

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Modern Spring Centerpiece
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Modern Spring Centerpiece

This modern spring centerpiece is all you need to transform your table into a bright and cheery garden. PVC pipe, metallic gold spray paint and your favorite flowers are all you need to make your next party a memorable occasion.

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Floating candle centerpieces
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Floating Candle Centerpieces

Floating candles are an adaptable source of soft ambient light for any occasion. By inserting brightly colored flowers, you can add a dash of springtime to an otherwise cozy Easter meal.

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Frozen Fruit and Floral Ice Bucket
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Frozen Fruit and Floral Ice Bucket

Are you looking for a stylish way to chill champagne for Easter brunch mimosas? Well, look no further. This magnificent fruit and floral ice bucket will be the hit of any party. Large colorful flowers and vibrant fruit make this exquisite bucket the perfect adornment for even the most refined table.

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Easter Egg Tree
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Easter Egg Tree

Add a punch of color to your Easter décor with this charming Easter egg tree. Gather the kids and their favorite craft supplies, and have a blast personalizing each masterpiece.

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Jute and Burlap Egg Tree
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A Toned-Down Egg Tree

If you like the idea of an Easter egg tree but are looking for something a bit more refined, this muted version may be what you're looking for. Jute and burlap give this toned-down egg tree an organic feel and the neutral colors guarantee it'll look magnificent in any room of your home.

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Paper flower garland
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Paper Flower Garland

These bright flower garlands are a versatile decoration that can be adapted for any number of designs. From festive wall hangings to a spring background for your Easter family photos, the infinite number of color and pattern combinations gives you an abundance of options for using these delightful floral chains.

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Crepe Paper Crocus
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DIY Crepe Paper Crocus

The crocus is one of the first signs of spring. Though short-lived, its appearance forecasts the pleasantly milder temperatures we've eagerly anticipated all winter. With this lovely DIY crepe paper crocus you can enjoy the feeling of a fresh new start even after the real ones have long disappeared.

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Floral Drink Stirrers
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Fresh Floral Drink Stirrers

Dress up your Easter dinner with these one-of-a-kind drink stirrers to add a touch of springy cheer to your favorite beverage. With a couple easy-to-find craft supplies and some freshly picked flowers, you can design a creative garnish that your guests can also use to stir their drinks.

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Treat-Filled Carrots
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Treat-Filled Wrapped Carrots

Traditionally, the Easter Bunny leaves baskets of treats for children – and lucky adults – everywhere. This year it looks like the bunny is going to share his carrots, but they're no ordinary carrots. These carrots are filled with treats to be unraveled on Easter morning. Until then, you can place them in a small basket as a crafty centerpiece for your Easter table.

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Egg Garland
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Easy DIY Egg Garland

This adorable egg garland is a project that gets everyone involved. If your little one can color, they can help decorate this easy Easter embellishment. Break out the pastel crayons and colored pencils, and let the kids loose to unleash their inner artist and produce a work of art you're sure to treasure forever.

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rope easter baskets
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Rope Easter Baskets

Skip the standard plastic bucket and make modern rope baskets you'll use long after the Easter bunny has stopped by your house. With just natural cotton piping, a ceramic bowl and a hot glue gun, you can recreate these beauties on your own. They'll look just as cute as catch-alls in your entryway as they do as gifts from the Easter bunny.

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floral napkin rings
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Fresh Floral Napkin Rings

While the centerpiece typically steals the spotlight when it comes to a special occasion table setting, consider brightening up your Easter table with lovely fresh floral napkin rings. Pick spring blooms in pastel colors for a traditional look or opt for a modern color palette that suits your celebration -- the beauty of DIY is that it's completely customizable!

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