Easter Table Decorating Ideas

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Whether you're hosting a casual outdoor brunch or an elegant indoor dinner, many Easter festivities take place around the table. Bring in the elements of spring to your table with decor that has maximum impact while requiring minimal effort so you can focus on what really matters: Family, friends and tradition. We've got 10 surprisingly simple table decorating ideas guaranteed to impress.

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Easter Egg Tree

A whimsical egg tree is a project that the whole family can make together. Colorful yarn and pom pom adornments dress up rustic twigs and elevate plastic Easter eggs to create a centerpiece that's worthy of a spot on your brunch table.

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Treat-Filled Crepe Carrots

Colorful crepe carrots not only add decorative appeal, but they also hide sweet treats for kids to unravel on Easter. (Seriously--children will flip out over these!) To create these jumbo carrots, all you need are crepe party streamers and a handful of goodies.

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Chalkboard Easter Egg Place Cards

Wow your guests with on-trend and easy-to-make chalkboard Easter egg place cards. Simply paint wooden eggs in pastel shades of chalkboard paint to create place cards that double as party favors.

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Wheatgrass Centerpiece

Bring the bounty of spring to the table with a centerpiece that showcases the natural beauty of wheatgrass. We think that this creation would definitely get two "thumps" up from the Easter Bunny.

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Nest Napkin Rings

Use the elements of the season to add some extra charm to your table. Make festive nest napkin rings using grapevine crafting nests, grapevine rings, floral wire and small decorative eggs.

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Easter Candy Terrariums

There are many reasons why we love Easter, but let's be honest--what we really look forward to is eating candy. Lots and lots of candy. So why not showcase your favorite sweets by filling glass jars with pretty pastel candies and chocolate bunnies. Let's see how long they'll last on the table!

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Monogram and Silhouette Eggs

Upgrade your egg decorating with monograms and silhouettes. With a little creativity and vinyl stencils, you can transform plain white eggs into extraordinary Easter decor. Place these in a bowl or arrange artfully across your table.

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Decoupage Eggs

When you want to decorate eggs but aren't a fan of those messy dyes, decoupage is for you. Customize your designs with lovely images and embellishments that will add an air of sophistication to your celebration.

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