Treat-Filled Wrapped Carrots for Easter

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These colorful crepe paper carrots are not only a perfect decoration for your Easter table, they hold a secret! Each one is wrapped with treasures and treats for kids to unravel on Easter morning. Make a dozen for the Easter bunny to leave out, make them as party favors, or help kids make them for their friends. All you need is a handful of small treats and crepe paper streamers.

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Start With A Pencil

Begin with a pencil. This will act as a foundation for your carrot. Wrap the tip in crepe paper and continue down the length of the carrot and back up.

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Add Larger Treats at Top

Once you wrap back up to the top, add a larger treat such as a group of chocolate eggs or a bouncy ball and wrap with a few rounds of crepe paper to secure.

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Continue Adding Treats

Continue down the pencil, adding treats as you go. Save the larger items for the top of the carrot and smaller things like stickers for the tip. When finished, trim crepe paper and glue the end down. Don't worry if the carrot has a rustic shape--a final layer will be added later to smooth out any imperfections.

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Make the Tip

To make the tip, layer green crepe paper six or seven layers thick and about three inches long. Leaving one end intact, trim the paper into a leaf shape.

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Twist End and Glue to Carrot

Twist the intact end and hot glue to the top of the carrot.

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Add a Final Taut Wrap

Finish the carrot by tautly wrapping a final layer or two of crepe paper over the entire length of the carrot. Glue end down. An adult can do the final layer for younger children.


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