The Wonders of Wheatgrass: 5 Decorating Ideas for Your Spring Table

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Wheatgrass is one of the most popular styling trends among interior designers and caterers, and it's no wonder. The grass can be incorporated in myriad ways, lasts a long time, and brings the beauty of the outdoors inside. Wheatgrass is especially perfect for the Easter season. Here are five springtime table decorations that take advantage of the natural beauty of wheatgrass.

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How to Cut Wheatgrass

To use the wheatgrass for decor projects, you want to leave as many of the grass blades in tact as possible. Therefore, when cutting the wheatgrass into pieces, turn the wheatgrass upside down and cut from the roots. If you cut from the top, you will be cutting into the grass. Don't worry that you are smashing the grass when it's turned upside down. It fluffs right back up. Now let's get to our first wheatgrass decor idea.

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Idea #1: Wheatgrass Hurricanes

An ideal springtime centerpiece, wheatgrass hurricanes make a lovely impact on the table. The glow of the candlelight through the grass is warm and welcoming. And the artificial butterflies dancing around the candles add just the right touch of whimsy.

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How to Make the Wheatgrass Hurricanes

Cut a piece of wheatgrass to fit inside a large glass vase. Just like that, it's an instant terrarium. Move aside the grass to leave pockets to set candles. If your vase is big enough, use multiple candles at different heights. I selected battery-opered LED candles, as I did not want a flame so close to the grass.

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Idea #2: Egg Cup Place Card Holders

Greet guests at the table with these egg cups sprouting wheatgrass. They make adorable place card holders and party favors. If you don't have actual egg cups for the egg shells, you can use mini clay pots or shot glasses.

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How to Make the Wheatgrass Egg Cups

Break an egg at the narrow end, remove the yolk and egg whites, and keep chipping away at the shell until there is an opening about the size of a half dollar. Rinse out the egg shell and let it dry. Then cut a small piece of wheatgrass that will fit into the egg shell. You may need to chip away more of the egg shell to fit in all the roots. Then write each guest's name on the egg shells, and place them in an egg cup.

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Idea #3: Wheatgrass Appetizer Display

What a fun food presentation idea. Appetizers on skewers stick into the wheatgrass, all contained in a takeout container. Now this is what I call "playing with your food."

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How to Make the Wheatgrass Skewer Display

Cut a piece of wheatgrass that will fit inside a takeout container. Crafts stores and gift stores sell takeout containers themed for most holidays. If you would like a more elegant presentation, use a square platter instead of a takeout container, covering the roots with ribbon so guests don't see dirt. Then simply stick in your appetizer skewers when ready.

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Idea #4: Wheatgrass Cake Arrangement

As a dramatic centerpiece or hostess gift, this wheatgrass arrangement takes the cake. A burlap ribbon holds the grass blades together and helps form the cake's cylindrical shape. And remember, this cake is for decoration and not edible. (So I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.)

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How to Make the Wheatgrass Cake

Cut a piece of wheatgrass into a round shape that will fit on top of a cake platter. When you place the wheatgrass on the platter, the grass will probably be flying in different directions, and you'll be thinking, "This does not look like a cake." It will soon enough, though. Start by removing all the pieces along the edge that are mangled or bent.

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Forming the Cake Shape

Next, wrap a wide burlap ribbon around the base of the wheatgrass. The ribbon hides the dirt and roots while helping to form the cake shape. It's like a girdle for the wheatgrass. Then trim the sides and top of the wheatgrass to make the shape even more cylindrical. The top should be flat, and the sides as upright as possible.

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Topping the Cake

Arrange cut mums on top of the cake. I prefer mums for this arrangement because the flowers are flat, helping to accentuate the cake's flat top. Also, the mums stay looking fresh for a few days even without water. I then layered a pink ribbon on top of the burlap ribbon for a pop of color to match the flowers. And a cameo pendant on top of that gives the cake a stylish finishing touch.

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Idea #5: Wheatgrass Cupcakes

Last but not least, these cupcake liners filled with wheatgrass will add a smile to any occasion. They even have a lollipop in the middle as a cupcake topper. These wheatgrass cupcakes can also play double duty as place card holders or party favors. Like the wheatgrass cake, these are for decoration, not eating. Believe me, they do not taste like real cupcakes.

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How to Make the Wheatgrass Cupcakes

It doesn't get much easier than this. Cut a small piece of wheatgrass, and place it in a cupcake liner. I recommend the silicone liners, as they are water resistant. Trim the grass so it has more of a cupcake shape. For the cupcake topper, insert a lollipop through the middle of the wheatgrass into the soil and roots.


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