Toro ECx Instructions

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The Toro ECx allows timed and zoned applications of water to lawns and gardens.

The Toro ECx is a series four-sprinkler timer management units designed for use in residential yard settings. The product series has options for four, six or eight sprinkler zones and covers model numbers 53331, 53332, 53333 and 53698. All of the ECx models are programmable with three watering application types and durations and four start times for each program. The units also sport customizing features such as rain delay, calendar programming, easy snap in wire connections and seasonal adjustment.


Step 1

Turn the ECx unit on by turning the control dial to the "Auto/On" position. Turn the entire unit off preventing all manual and programmed operations by turning the dial to the "Off" position.

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Step 2

Turn the "Programs" switch to the desired program you want to engage. Depress the "Manual Start" button twice in succession to begin watering.


Step 3

Select or exclude certain watering zones by pressing the "Manual Start" button once, then depress the "+/On" button to select the Zone number or depress the "-/Off" button to skip that number zone. Choose and skip zones in this way until only the numbers of the zones you have chosen appear on the LCD screen. Depress the "Manual Start" button once to begin watering in the selected zones.


Step 4

Pause watering temporarily, say if you need to walk across the lawn, by pressing the "+/On" and "-/Off" buttons simultaneously. Resume watering within 8 minutes or the program will be shut off and you will need to restart watering manually. Resume watering within the eight-minute window by depressing the "Next" button once.


Step 5

Skip over the current watering zone by pressing the "Next" button once. The next zone watering will commence and that too can be skipped in the same manner if needed. Skipping the last zone will cause the current watering program to end and any future scheduled programs to begin as usual.


Step 6

Engage a temporary rain delay by turning the dial to the "Rain Delay" position. Choose the number of delay days by pressing the "+/On" or "-/Off" button until the desired number of days between one and seven is flashing on the LCD screen. Turn the control dial back to the "Auto/On" position. Cancel a rain delay before it completes the programmed number of delay days by turning the control dial to the "Off" position for three seconds.


Step 7

Cancel watering by pressing the "+/On" and the "-/Off" buttons simultaneously and twice in rapid succession. Alternatively, turn the dial to the "Off" position for two seconds and then back to the "Auto/On" position to cancel that watering session but allow any future programmed sessions to remain on schedule.


Step 8

Alter the present running time of the water by pressing the "+/On" button to increase it and the "-/Off" button to decrease it. Decreasing the run time to less than one minute will automatically shut off water to the current zone and the next zone sequence will commence. This will not affect any programmed settings, just the immediate operation.


As the customizable functions are varied and many, and the control panel has many options is it may be helpful to consult the Operations Manual and detailed renderings when using your ECx for the first few times.


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