Sylvania SA 300 Instructions

The SA 300 can turn garden lights on and off automatically.
The SA 300 can turn garden lights on and off automatically. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

The Sylvania SA 300 is an industrial digital timer for lights and appliances. When you enter your area code into the timer, it adjusts year-round to sunset. It turns devices on at sunset and off after a specified amount of time. The digital timer also offers the option of turning off the automated zip-code-based timing and setting up to four manual times of your choice.

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Turn the power off at the circuit breaker or the fuse box.

Mount the SA 300 in a desired place using the three mounting holes.

Identify the wires and study the included wiring diagram. Choose which “knock out” you are going to run the wires through and remove it.

Open the plastic cover by unscrewing it, lifting it and twisting.

Follow the instructions and wire the unit. Replace the protective cover.

Turn the power back on using the circuit breaker or fuse box. Turn the timer unit on by pressing the “On/Off/Enter” button.

Setting the Area Code

Press the “Mode” button until “ZIP” appears.

Press and hold the "Clear/Zip-Set" button. A three-digit code will display and the first number will be flashing. Set the digits of your phone area code here. Use the “Forward” and “Reverse” buttons to adjust numbers and press the “On/Off/Enter” button to set a digit and move to the next one. Upon completion, you will be asked to select how many hours after sunset the device will stay on. Use the “Forward” button to choose your desired time and hit “On/Off/Enter” to set it.

Press “On/Off/Enter” when “DONE” appears to confirm settings. The timer will determine sunset based on your area and turn off after the number of hours you set.

Manually Program the Timer

Press the “Mode” button. When “PROG” and “1” are displayed on the screen, press the "Calendar" button and select 7 for every day, 5 for weekdays and 2 for weekends.

Hold the “Program” button until the display flashes and the light bulb icon appears. Using the “Forward” and “Reverse” buttons set the time you would like the timer to come on.

Press "Enter" and the display will show a light bulb with an “X” through it. Use the “Forward” and “Reverse” buttons to adjust the “off” time. Press “Enter” to set the time.

Repeat these steps for “PROG” 2, 3 and 4, if desired.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use aluminum wiring.
  • Never attempt to work with electricity when the power is still turned on.


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