How to Troubleshoot Toro Sprinklers

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A quality sprinkler system keeps your lawn green all the time.

Many people associate the Toro name with snowblowers, mowers and other outdoor power tools, but Toro is also a common name in residential and commercial irrigation systems. Having an irrigation system in place to water your lawn evenly and on schedule each day helps give you the lawn you want. Irrigation systems have many parts, including timers, valves and sprinkler heads. When a small problem crops up, you can often fix it before you call for service.


Step 1

Reset the "season adjust" button and shut off all but one of the start times for the unit if the watering cycle repeats itself.

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Step 2

Turn on the timer, check the fuses to see if they need changing, repair the valve wire or look at the timer program if the lawn is not being watered.

Step 3

Turn the supply valve to the "on" position. Replace the valve solenoid and open it completely counterclockwise if you don't notice any water at the sprinkler heads.

Step 4

Check the irrigation pipes for cracks or damage and replace any bad parts if exterior water is leaking at the valve.


Step 5

Clean the screen so it is clear if water does not spray from the nozzle. Clean debris out and replace the heads if necessary if they do not rotate.

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