How to Cut Terracotta Pots in Half

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Things You'll Need

  • Flexible ruler

  • Bucket

  • Hacksaw

Cut a terracotta pot in half to give it a new life.

Cutting a terracotta pot in half will supply you with the raw material for a number of crafts. Some people use the half pots as caves for fish, eels or frogs to hide under in aquariums. By cutting your own terracotta pot, you can save money and design them any way you want.


Step 1

Draw a pencil line dividing the pot in half vertically. Lay a flexible ruler down the side of the pot to keep your markings straight. Draw a pencil line over the bottom, connecting the two lines.

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Step 2

Fill a bucket with tepid water. Completely submerge the pot into the bucket of water and leave for 24 hours. Soaking is necessary to keep down the dust content. Dry terracotta pots can often chip when cut.


Step 3

Remove the pot from the water and stand the flower pot up with the bottom facing upwards.

Step 4

Cut the pot along the pencil lines with a hacksaw. Do not cut fast or press too hard because this will ruin the teeth on the hacksaw blade. Cut until your have three-fourths of the pot done. Turn the pot over, so the open end is facing upwards. Carefully line up the hacksaw blade on the pencil line and continue cutting until you meet the previous cut.



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