Chalkboard Patterned Terra-Cotta Pots

Add a personal touch to terra-cotta pots by turning them into chalkboards. Painting the pots with chalkboard paint creates a blank canvas for you to draw patterns and designs and to write messages, which allows you to get creative with your home decor, inside or outside. The project is an easy one, but it takes patience of a few days to let the paint fully cure before you can decorate them.

Chalkboard patterened terra-cotta pots (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Things You'll Need

  • Chalkboard paint, brush-on or spray

  • Chalkboard pen (any color)

  • Any size terra-cotta pots

  • Regular chalk

  • Paper towel

  • Primer (optional)


  • A 29-oz can will cover much more than the three pots pictured here (two 3-inch and one 6-inch), so if you have some leftover from a different project, use that before buying more.
    * If you want to re-draw on your pots, you'll need regular chalk to season them.


  • Always lay down a protective surface where you will be painting and drying your pots.
  • When using paint from a paint can, stir the paint before applying. When using paint from a spray can, spray in an open area and wear gloves to protect your hands from overspray. * Use a nylon or polyester brush if using chalkboard paint from a can.
  • Use a nylon or polyester brush if using chalkboard paint from a can.
The items that you will need to create chalkboard terra-cotta pots (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Step 1: Paint the First Coat of Chalkboard Paint

Wipe down your pot to make sure it is a clean surface. Hold your pot and start to paint the first coat of chalkboard paint. Allow the paint to fully dry (approximately 60 minutes) before painting the next coat. You can start painting the second pot while the first dries, to save time. If you are using primer before applying chalkboard paint, you will want to allow the primer to dry for four to six hours before top-coating with chalkboard paint.

Paint chalkboard paint onto the terra-cotta pot. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Step 2: Paint Two More Coats

Paint three coats of chalkboard paint on your pot, allowing the paint fully dry between each coat.

Paint three coats, make sure paint is dry in between each coat. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Step 3: Let Stand & Cure

Due to the porous qualities of chalkboard paint, you will want to let your pots cure for at least 24 hours. For three coats, let them cure for 72 hours.

Letting the fully painted pots cure for 3 days (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Step 4: Prep Your Chalkboard Surface

If you want to be able to reuse the chalkboard surface of your terra-cotta pots, you will want to prep the chalkboard surface. If you want the designs to be more permanent, then do not prep the surface and skip to Step 5. Rub a piece of chalk against the chalkboard surface of your pot. Then erase the entire surface. Paper towel will work if you do not have a chalkboard eraser.

Prepare your chalkboard pot for multi-use by rubbing chalk all over the surface. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Step 5: Draw Designs With the Chalkboard Pen

With the chalkboard pen, begin to draw designs or patterns onto the chalkboard surface and let dry. When you want to change your design, simply wipe off with a moist towel or towelettes and let dry. Watch where you hold the pot when drawing the designs, as you don't want to smear what you just drew. Chalkboard pen drawings will smear in contact with water or anything moist, so be careful when watering your plants.

I drew a triangle design on one of the pots. (Image: Amanda Nguyen)
"Hello" surrounded by leaves (Image: Amanda Nguyen)

Step 6: Pot Plants & Display

Pot plants or flowers into your new chalkboard patterned terra-cotta pots and display.

Chalkboard patterned pots in a row (Image: Amanda Nguyen)