How to Build Spy Gadgets

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Things You'll Need

  • Blank index card

  • Colored markers

  • Picture of child

  • Glue

  • Old hardcover book

  • Craft knife

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Clear glass marble

  • Thick, black paper

  • Tape

  • Scissors

Kids love playing spy. Gadgets don't have to be expensive, though. Spy gadgets are easy to make using household items. Kids can play spy using a homemade spy ID card, a book safe or a keyhole spy tool. Spy gadgets can be made by the kids themselves or by an adult. Other fun uses for spy gadgets are props, party decorations or costume accessories.


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Spy ID Card

Step 1

Paste the child's picture on the left side of the index card. Allow the glue to dry before adding detail to the spy card.

Step 2

Use colored markers to write the name of the spy agency at the top of the card. Create a logo for the spy agency. The logo can be placed in the lower right or upper right-hand corner of card. Place it on the same side as the child's picture.


Step 3

Create a line for the child's code name. Draw a line on the right side of the front of the card--the same side the picture is on. Write the words "Code Name" above the line. Let the child choose their own code name. Underneath that line write the words "Real Name." On this line, let the child write their real name.

Step 4

Flip the card over. On the back of the card, in the upper, left-hand corner, write the words "Issued by the (agency name) to the above mentioned agent. Skip a line, and write "This agent is active in covert operations. Agent's identity to be protected at all times." Skip another line and write, "Use codename in all situations."


Step 5

Draw a black box in the right side of the back of the card large enough for a thumb print. Place the child's thumb print in the inside of the box. Markers can be used for this or an ink pad if one is available.

Book Safe

Step 1

Open the book to page five. With a pencil and a ruler, draw a rectangle on the right page. Leave one 1 inch between the rectangle and the edge of the page.


Step 2

Cut the rectangle out of the pages using a craft knife or box cutter. Cut through the majority of the pages.

Step 3

Hide secret, spy items in the book safe. Place it back on the shelf, and the book is undetectable.

Keyhole Spy Gadget

Step 1

Cut a thick piece of black paper to equal the circumference of the clear marble. Wrap the paper tightly around the marble, creating a cylinder. Tape the cylinder together. The marble should be sticking out of one end of the cylinder.


Step 2

Stick the cylinder in large keyholes to look around a room. Look through the end without the marble. The image, because of the marble, will be upside down, however, because of way light reflects through the marble.

Step 3

Squeeze the keyhole gadget through tight spaces to spy around the house.


Use a small marble for the keyhole spy gadget to fit through very small spaces.


Adults should use craft knives and box cutters. Keep sharp objects away from children.