How to Make Whistles With Smartie Boxes

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Things You'll Need

  • Smarties candy box

  • Scissors

Eat the candy, and then use the empty box for a whistle.

A Smarties box gives you two treats in one. The chocolate candy is a treat, of course, and the box can be transformed into an annoying, and therefore fun, whistle. Milk Duds, Mike and Ike, and Good & Plenty are other candies packaged in a similar way. Before tossing these empty candy boxes in the recycle bin, reuse them by creating a band of mini instruments.


Step 1

Lift the four flaps to open the box of candy.

Open the Smarties box at one end by carefully lifting the four flaps.


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Step 2

Have fun eating chocolate.

Eat the candy in its entirety. Your box must be empty.


Step 3

Cut flaps off so they are even and less likely to rip.

Cut or carefully tear off the four flaps at their seams.


Step 4

Open your mouth and insert box.

Insert the box 1/2 inch into your mouth.


Step 5

Seal your lips around the outside of the box.

Step 6

Blow hard enough to hear a musical whistle noise.

Blow air into the box with enough force to make a whistling noise.


Larger candy boxes are more difficult to insert into your mouth but can be effective as whistles.


Do not open both ends of the candy box. Even if the ends are resealable, your whistle is less likely to perform and may burst open when blowing air through it.

If your mouth is too wet, the box will become too soggy to work effectively. Empty another box of candy and make another whistle.


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