How to Make Vampire Fangs Stick to Your Teeth

Things You'll Need

  • False fangs, individual or full set

  • Soap and water

  • Gauze

  • Paper towel

  • Dental adhesive

  • Toothpick

Create no-slip fangs with dental adhesive.
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Vampire makeup is all about the fangs. As a modern-day Drac, you may have used up the adhesive or dental putty that came with your fake fangs, or perhaps you simply found it doesn't work well for you. Dental adherent or adhesive, used to "glue" dentures to a wearer's gums, is effective and widely available in paste form in pharmacies and the dental section of most stores.

Step 1

Stopper the sink so you don't lose a fang down the drain. Wash your fangs in soap and water, then rinse thoroughly. Dry the fangs with a piece of gauze or a clean paper towel. Rinse your mouth to moisten and to remove food particles.

Step 2

Open the tube of adhesive and squeeze a small amount onto a paper towel. Use a toothpick to place a spot of adhesive inside or on the back of an individual fang. Don't work on more than one fang at a time -- if you do, the adhesive may dry before you can attach the fang to your tooth. If you're applying the full-set fangs, dot the adhesive within the entire gum of the set. Use sparingly. Too much adhesive can cause oozing and create a less effective bond.

Step 3

Fit one fang over the appropriate tooth and hold in place for a few seconds. When it's secure, apply adhesive to the next fang and position against the appropriate tooth. For full-set fangs, fit them over your teeth and gently bite down for about five seconds.


Remove fangs by rocking them gently until they loosen, then pull them away from your teeth. If necessary, slip your fingernail under the back edge of a fang or set of fangs and pry loose with care. Do not use any sharp or foreign instruments to dislodge the fangs.

Remove residue of dental adhesive from your teeth by brushing with regular toothpaste and warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

Clean your fangs by placing them in a glass of water with a dental cleaner tablet. Rinse. If you want to use your fangs again, keep them from getting brittle by storing them in a small, lidded container filled with water. A small glass jar works well.


Avoid eating while wearing your fangs. Drink cautiously; excess moisture will loosen the adhesive bond. Be especially careful if using individual fangs, which could be easy to swallow.

Consult your dentist before using dental adhesive over braces, crowns, or any other dental work that could be damaged.

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