How to Put on Spirit Vampire Fangs

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Putting on Spirit vampire teeth is fast and easy.

Spirit is a costume and Halloween store that sells many different kinds of costumes, props and makeup for Halloween. One of the things that Spirit makes is fake fangs that help transform you into a vampire or other fierce creature. Applying the fangs is a simple process that anyone can do. For the best results, make sure your teeth are clean before putting the fangs in your mouth. It also helps if your teeth are dry at the time of placement. It will take about three minutes to insert the vampire fangs. When finished, you'll look like a semi-realistic vampire with sharp fangs.


Step 1

Open the putty packets that come with the Spirit fangs and mix the two putties together, until they're thoroughly combined. This will help the putty firm up quickly and conform to your teeth so that the fangs will stick on better.

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Step 2

Roll the putty into a thick tubular shape that's just as long as the fangs, then break the tube in half.

Step 3

Stuff half of the putty down into one of the fangs and the other half into the other fang. The putty should come out of the fang just slightly at the top.

Step 4

Push the putty-filled fangs against your teeth where you want to have the fangs. Push the teeth in place one at a time for best results. If any putty comes out of the teeth, remove it with a fingernail. Use your tongue to smooth out the putty from the back of the teeth, to help the putty stick better.


Step 5

Remove the fangs by pulling on them to release them from your teeth; they should break off fairly easily.

Step 6

Remove any putty that remains stuck to your teeth with the aid of a toothbrush. Spit out any putty reside -- the putty is non-toxic, but it's best to avoid ingesting it anyway.

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