How to Make False Costume Teeth at Home

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Things You'll Need

  • False acrylic nail set

  • Denture adhesive or wax

  • Nail clippers

  • Nail file

  • Plastic fork

To add authenticity to your vampire costume, make the fangs at home.
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Party and Halloween costumes are only as good as the accessories you add to them to make the character you portray look authentic. When you dress up as Grell Sutcliff from the anime and manga series "Black Butler," a "Twilight" vampire, or some other fanged creature with long, sharp teeth, employ the same techniques Hollywood makeup artists use to make fake costume teeth. You can save money by making the teeth at home with a few inexpensive store-bought items.


Acrylic Nail Teeth

Step 1

Remove the acrylic nail set from the package. Wash the nails in hot, soapy water. Rinse them off with cold water.

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Step 2

Hold individual nails over your teeth to find the ones closest to the width of each tooth. Lay out the teeth you have chosen in the same pattern as they will appear in your mouth on a clean paper towel.

Step 3

Cut each false nail to fit the tooth it will cover with the nail clippers, if necessary.

Step 4

Hold an individual acrylic nail in your hand and file it into the shape desired for the tooth. For sharp teeth, file the tooth to a point, but take care that you don't file it down so much it won't fit on the tooth. As you file each individual nail, rinse it in warm water, and then hold it up to your tooth to ensure it works. You want buck teeth or "Frankenstein" teeth to appear large with flat bottoms, to give them a large, almost rectangular appearance, so file these accordingly.


Step 5

Wash the teeth again in warm, soapy water to remove the acrylic dust and to ensure they are clean before putting them in your mouth.

Step 6

Apply denture adhesive or wax to the false tooth and press it onto your real tooth. Repeat this for each individual tooth.


Vampire Forked Fangs

Step 1

Remove the inner tines of a large plastic fork by clipping them with the nail clippers.

Step 2

Cut off the handle, but leave the base of the fork as this allows you to place the denture adhesive on it to secure it to your gums or teeth.


Step 3

File down all the rough edges caused by cutting with the nail clippers.

Step 4

Wash the forked fangs in warm soapy water and rinse in cool water before adding three dots of denture adhesive to the side that fits in your mouth against your teeth. Place the fangs inside your mouth, pressing against your teeth lightly to spread the adhesive or denture wax.


Some denture adhesives might not stick as well to your real teeth, but if you make the acrylic tooth long enough so that it rests against your gums, the denture adhesive will hold it in place against your gums for several hours.


Do not wear false costume teeth if you have braces, veneers or caps, as the denture adhesive or glue can cause problems or break veneers or caps.

Do not use the false teeth more than once, because even with cleaning they could harbor unsafe bacteria.


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