How to Make Your Own Acrylic Vampire Fangs

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Things You'll Need

  • Alginate

  • Tooth tray (can also use tin foil or Styrofoam cups)

  • Plaster

  • Paint that matches the color of your teeth

  • Polymer clay

Fangs, for the memories.

Any vampire costume, from old-school Dracula to one of Buffy's modern enemies, requires a good set of fangs. While you can still find the cheap plastic kind at costume retailers everywhere, if you've got quality vampire yearnings in your blood, you can make your own. You'll need some items from a drugstore and a well-ventilated area to sink your teeth into this project.


Step 1

Mix 2 oz. of alginate with 2 oz. of water. If you don't have a mold, you can take tin foil and shape a section of it around your upper set of teeth. You can also simply cut out the bottoms of Styrofoam cups if you can find some that will go around your entire top set of teeth. Pour the mixture into whatever mold you are using, and fit it into the top of your mouth. Hold it there for about three minutes to harden.

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Step 2

Fill the mold with plaster and move it back and forth to make sure there are no air bubbles. Let the plaster dry.

Step 3

Roll two small pieces--about the size of a tooth--of polymer clay in your hand until they are soft and you can shape them as you like. Put one over each of your mold's canines--two teeth away from your front teeth--and form them into conical shapes. Make sure you form them around the tooth near the gum line so that they will fit over your actual teeth.


Step 4

Use a knife or other tool to shape the fangs as close to the way you want them as you can. Once you're satisfied, bake the entire set, including the fang, in the oven, following directions on the polymer clay packaging.

Step 5

Take the teeth out of the oven and carefully pull off the fangs. If they need a little more work to get them in shape, use sandpaper. Then paint them and put them on. Happy hunting.


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