How to Disassemble a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover is an American company that has been making carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners since the early part of the 20th century. When you switch on your Hoover vacuum cleaner, the motor rotates the carpet brushes via a rubber belt. The brushes loosen the dirt in the carpet; then suction carries the dirt from the floor to a replaceable bag or dirt cup. As part of regular maintenance for your Hoover vacuum cleaner, it may be necessary to disassemble the unit to gain access the brushes, filters, bags or belts that may need periodic cleaning or replacement.


Step 1

Unplug the vacuum power cord. Press down on the top of the bag door just below the handle and pull outward. Place the door aside. Locate the bag collar and where it attaches to the suction tube. Pull the collar from the tube. Pull the bag from the body of the vacuum and discard it. Skip this step and proceed to Step 2 if your Hoover vacuum is a bagless model.


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Step 2

Squeeze the release tab at the top of the dirt receptacle, which is just below the handle. Pull the receptacle forward, then lift it straight up and away from the vacuum. Pull the lid straight off of the top of the dirt cup to empty it or to replace the filter. Remove the filter from the receptacle by pulling the top of the filter housing toward the center, then straight up and out of the receptacle. Lift the filter from the filter housing.


Step 3

Remove the screw from the secondary filter at the bottom of the dirt receptacle cavity with a Philips screwdriver. Now pull the filter retainer straight up and out of the vacuum; then pull the filter out.

Step 4

Remove the two screws from the headlight lens with a Philips screwdriver. Lift the lens from the vacuum and place it aside. Remove the headlamp bulb by pulling it straight out of the socket.


Step 5

Lower the handle to its lowest setting and turn the vacuum upside down. Remove the screws from the bottom plate with a Philips screwdriver. Lift the plate from the vacuum and place it aside. Slide the edge brushes from the sides of the bottom plate for cleaning or replacement. Lift the agitator brush up and slide it away from the drive belt. Slide the belt off of the drive pulley and remove it from the vacuum.


Reassemble your Hoover vacuum by reversing the order of the above steps.

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