How to Replace a Hoover Dimension Vacuum Drive Belt

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Vacuum belts are an important component in the operation of a vacuum cleaner. The belt spins the agitator brush, which is used to loosen dirt in carpets and allow the suction action of the cleaner to draw it into the machine. The vacuum belt wears out over time and eventually breaks or becomes so loose that it doesn't spin the brush. The vacuum belts in Hoover Dimension vacuum cleaners do not need to be sent to a service technician, as you can repair them yourself.


Step 1

Unplug the vacuum cleaner to prevent accidental operation, and pull the hose out of the cleaner.

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Step 2

Release the handle, and lay it on the floor to make changing the belt easier.

Step 3

Grip the nozzle control knob, and pull it off the machine.

Step 4

Flip the machine over so the bottom of the nozzle faces up.

Step 5

Remove the bottom plate attached to the nozzle by inserting the screwdriver into the wide slot on the right of the nozzle and pushing the screwdriver handle forward. This will release one of the bottom plate latches. Repeat with the slot on the left of the nozzle.


Step 6

Turn the bottom plate, and lift it off the nozzle.

Step 7

Slide the screwdriver into the slot near the left wheel, and lift the handle up to release the latch. Repeat the process on the slot next to the right wheel and the slots on the right and left side of the nozzle near the agitator brush.


Step 8

Pull the agitator brush out of the nozzle, and remove the old belt.

Step 9

Wrap the new belt around the agitator brush pulley, and place it back in the nozzle.

Step 10

Line the tabs of the bottom plate with the slots on the nozzle, and press down until it snaps in place.


Step 11

Flip the machine over so the top of the nozzle is facing up, and lift off the nozzle cover.

Step 12

Grap the replacement belt, and stretch it over the motor pulley.

Step 13

Turn the agitator by hand to ensure it's not obstructed. Move the belt to the middle of the pulley if needed.


Step 14

Line up the nozzle cover over the nozzle, and press down until it clicks in place.

Step 15

Replace the control knob by pressing it onto the vacuum until it snaps in place.

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