How to Paint With a Kirby Vacuum

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Things You'll Need

  • Painter's cloth

  • Kirby safety cup

  • Kirby spray gun assembly

Kirby vacuums will not only suck dirt and debris from the floor, some will also paint surfaces. The multifaceted Kirby vacuums are designed to turn into blowers after the nozzle is removed from the motor unit. These blowers force air pressure from the motor into a variety of Kirby extensions including a spray gun. Using a spray gun to paint gets messy, so make sure you prepare your surfaces properly before getting started.


Step 1

Place a painter's cloth or plastic over your carpet or any surface that you want to protect from the paint.

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Step 2

Pull up the latch to disconnect the nozzle from the Kirby vacuum. The nozzle is the front, head unit that contains the rollers which pick up dirt from the floor. Pull the nozzle off.

Step 3

Insert the open end of the Kirby safety cup into the nozzle opening. Turn the latch to secure the safety cup. The vacuum is now a blower.

Step 4

Turn the bottle connected to the Kirby spray gun assembly counter-clockwise to remove it.


Step 5

Pour paint into the bottle up to the upper fill line.

Step 6

Screw the gun assembly back on the container.

Step 7

Insert the Kirby vacuum hose into the rear of the spray gun.


Step 8

Plug the Kirby vacuum into the power outlet and turn it on.

Step 9

Aim the spray gun on the surface you want to paint and press the red trigger in to spray the paint over the surface.


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