How to Empty a Eureka Vacuum

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Eureka vacuum cleaners have a bagless canister that collects the dirt and debris picked up when cleaning floors. As with all vacuum cleaners, the canister needs to be emptied regularly to ensure proper functioning of the device. Though the canister is large, it fills up quickly. If it isn't emptied, airflow through the machine is restricted and the vacuum will not effectively clean the floors. The canisters are connected to the front portion of the vacuum housing.


Step 1

Turn off the vacuum cleaner and unplug it from the power outlet.

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Step 2

Press the dust cup release button located on the top right side of the cleaner near the handle, and pull the dust cup out of the vacuum housing.

Step 3

Twist the lid of the dust cup counterclockwise to open the dust cup and dump the contents into a waste receptacle.

Step 4

Replace the dust cup lid on the dust cup by rotating it clockwise until it is tight. Do not try to force the lid on as it may damage the cup.


Step 5

Set the bottom of the dust cup into the bottom of the housing and push the upper part into the housing until it clicks in place. The vacuum is now ready to be used as normal.


Eureka vacuum cleaners work with greater efficiency if the dust cup is emptied after each use.

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