How to Take a Hoover FloorMate Apart

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Hoover is an American company that has been making carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners since the early 20th century. Hoover's line of FloorMate cleaners specializes in the vacuuming, washing, and drying of hard-surface floors. Your FloorMate cleaner must be disassembled to empty the dirty water tank and to clean the filters regularly.


Step 1

Switch the power off on your FloorMate cleaner and unplug the electrical cord from the receptacle.

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Step 2

Press down on the release button at the front of the machine near the bottom to remove the dirty water tank. Pull the top of the tank away from the cleaner, then lift it straight up and away from the machine. Take the tank to a sink and turn it over to empty it.

Step 3

Remove the filter lid revealed after removing the dirty water tank by lifting it up and placing it aside. Lift the filter from the housing.

Step 4

Remove the clean water tank by raising the handle of the cleaner to its upright position until it locks into place. Press the release button on the clean water tank, which is located near the top of the cleaner. Slide the tank out and away from the cleaner. Remove the cap from the tank by rotating it counterclockwise.


Step 5

Remove the nozzle for cleaning by sliding the nozzle release buttons on each side of the cleaning head outward. Pull the nozzle from the cleaning head.

Step 6

Remove the brushes by tilting the cleaner back so that the cleaning head is off of the floor. Push in on the brush release buttons on either side of the brush assembly. Pull the brush assembly from the cleaner.


Make sure your FloorMate is clean and dry before storing it. Let the individual parts air-dry before reassembling the cleaner. Otherwise, water may leak out of the cleaner after use and damage your wood floor.

The cap that you removed from the clean water tank also doubles as a measuring cup for the cleaning solution. Follow the directions on the bottle of cleaning solution for the proper dilution.

Your FloorMate has an automatic shut-off when the dirty water tank becomes full. Empty the dirty water tank and place it back into the machine until it snaps into place to continue cleaning.

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