How to Replace a Kenmore Power-Mate Vacuum Belt

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Things You'll Need

  • Kenmore belt No. 20-5218

  • Phillips screwdriver

The Kenmore Power-Mate is a series of canister vacuum cleaners, primarily designed for home use. Replacing the belt in a canister vacuum is slightly different than in a traditional upright. Although Kenmore does not specify a replacement interval for the Power-Mate belt, most manufacturers recommended replacing a vacuum belt every six months.


Step 1

Turn off the power switch on the canister, and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

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Step 2

Flip the suction head over and remove the two screws. There is a screw on each side, near the wheels.

Step 3

Turn the suction head right-side up. Press the adjustment button on the back to lower the handle. Flip up the latches on the rear of the suction head.

Step 4

Grab both sides of the suction head, push inward and carefully pull off the cover. Lift the agitator assembly from the suction head and remove the old belt.


Step 5

Route the new belt around the agitator assembly. Wrap the other side around the motor shaft. Mount the agitator assembly back into the suction head.

Step 6

Replace the cover, flip down the latches on the rear and tighten the screws on the bottom.


Kenmore recommends you clean the agitator assembly when replacing the belt. To clean the agitator belt, pull off the debris wrapped around it.


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