How to Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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With the emphasis on beauty in fashion, it may seem counterintuitive to throw parties designed to show off ugly attire, yet ugly sweater Christmas parties do precisely that. Guests at these parties take joy in presenting their meticulously crafted, painstakingly ugly sweaters. Men, women, children, animals and even inanimate objects may don these sweaters, and the designs may evoke the holiday season or anything else the wearer feels like celebrating.


Ideas for Women

Ugly sweater designs for women may include pictures of Mrs. Claus surrounded by reindeer, and sweaters that flare out at the bottom to resemble a miniskirt with white Christmas trimming. For a more risque look, wear or design a sweater with two snowmen and pin orange cones stuffed with cotton to the bosom to suggest carrot noses. Suggest other parts of the body by strategically placing the noses on opposite ends of the chest. Offset this abomination by taking the rug that goes under a Christmas tree and turning it into an ugly skirt, using pins to pin it to the sweater and hiding the pins with a large bow.


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Ideas for Men

Ugly sweater designs for men may include a picture of Santa, shirtless and stripped down to his shorts after his clothes caught on fire descending a chimney on Christmas Eve; a snowman holding up an arm, which actually is a stick or string of fishing line, holding above the man's head a piece of mistletoe that follows him wherever he goes; the faces of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley from the band "Wham!" beneath which are written the lyrics to the chorus of the song "Last Christmas"; a picture of actor and musician David Hasselhoff wearing a Santa hat; and a picture of yellow snow, beneath which are inscribed the words, "Never eat yellow snow."


Unisex Ugly Christmas Sweaters

People of either sex can design a sweater to commemorate their states. Purchase one with the state flag already stitched on it and add cutouts made of fabric sheets that represent objects or locations for which the state is known, surrounded by Christmas scenery. For example, a sweater celebrating Arizona might include the state flag and a cactus decorated like a Christmas tree. Create a sweater set; place half of a reindeer on one sweater and half on another, giving the second sweater to a partner and sticking together during a party.


Christmas Sweaters for Non-Humans

Cut the sleeves off an old sweater and tie them to a wine bottle at the neck with a Christmas bow to make a bottle "sweater." Add a Santa hat at the top to resemble an ugly person with a long neck. Recycle an old sweater for a beloved cat or dog; take the pet's measurements and cut out a square and a small triangular piece. The square forms the main body of the sweater and the triangle serves as an underside. Hideous design ideas for pets include sweaters with stockings pinned onto them in which treats can be placed; sweaters featuring the dogs from the various film adaptations of "101 Dalmatians" decked out in holiday attire; sweaters with awkward pictures of the pet and its owner sewn into the chest or back; and a sweater for a cat featuring a picture of a cat wearing a sweater with a cat on it, with at least one of the cats saying, "Meowy Chriss-mouse."


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