How to Repair a G-Max Toilet Fill Valve

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Repairs to a G-Max toilet fill valve are an eventual task of any DIY homeowner. G-Max toilet valves are built incredibly well and rarely do they break, but the gasket at the top of the valve will wear away given enough time. You will notice water leaking out from this seal, and your toilet tank will take extra time to fill since there is less pressure in the valve. Most home improvement stores carry this rubber piece.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • New gasket

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Close the shut off valve behind your toilet and flush your toilet, emptying the tank of most of its water.

Unscrew the four Phillips screws around the top of your G-Max fill valve, turning the screws counterclockwise.

Remove the top of the fill valve and the defective gasket once the four screws are removed. The fill valve will be the large plastic piece to the farthest left inside of your toilet tank. The gasket will be the black piece with a hole in each of the four corners directly under the top of the fill valve.

Set the new gasket in place, setting the top of the fill valve back on the gasket.

Screw in the four Phillips screws, locking the top back in place. You'll need to turn the screws clockwise.

Turn on your shut-off valve and flush your toilet, checking to see if the seal is still leaking.

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