How to Clean a Hoover SteamVac

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The Hoover SteamVac removes embedded dirt and debris from a carpet that traditional vacuums can't reach. Regular steam cleaning extends the life of your carpet and reduces allergens. The Hoover SteamVac utilizes a recovery tank to store dirty water and cleaning solution from the carpet. Clean the recovery and solution tanks after each use before placing the SteamVac in its storage location.


Step 1

Set the SteamVac upright in the locked position. Press the handle down and pull forward to remove the upper clean solution tank from the SteamVac.

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Step 2

Locate the cap on top of the clean solution tank. Remove it by turning counterclockwise.


Step 3

Empty the solution tank in the sink. Rinse the tank with clean water and shake out the excess in the sink.

Step 4

Set the clean solution tank into place on the SteamVac.

Step 5

Plug in the SteamVac and turn the power on.


Step 6

Press the trigger and push the SteamVac forward and back over a carpeted area to release any excess solution in the system.

Step 7

Remove the upper clean solution tank and set it aside.

Step 8

Remove the lower recovery tank by stepping on the handle release pedal. Lower the handle to the floor.


Step 9

Rotate the two tank latches on each side of the tank to an outward position and lift it out of the SteamVac.

Step 10

Open the latch on the back of the recovery tank and take off the lid.

Step 11

Pour the dirty water into the sink. Rinse the tank thoroughly with clean water and shake out the excess.


Step 12

Replace the lid with the tabs first and rotate it down onto the tank like a hinge.

Step 13

Place the recovery tank onto the SteamVac and push it down. Lock it into place by turning the two latches inward.


Step 14

Place the upper clean solution tank into its position on the SteamVac.

Step 15

Dampen a cloth with warm water.

Step 16

Unplug the SteamVac and wipe the exterior with the damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Allow the bottom of the SteamVac dry for three hours before storing.

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