How to Operate an Oreck Carpet Cleaner

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A clean carpet brightens the whole room.
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Clean carpets and rugs drastically improve the look in any room. Oreck carpet cleaners use cleaning cartridges with solution in them to cleanse dirt, stains and pet odors from household carpets. The cartridges release a predetermined amount of cleanser to mix with the water and exit the nozzle onto carpet while suctioning the dirty water into a separate holding tank. Cleaning cartridges simplify the Oreck cleaning process because there's no need to measure or handle strong liquid chemicals. Unlike traditional carpet cleaners, you clean while pulling backwards.


Step 1

Place the wheels into the operating position by swinging them away from the nozzle. Pinch the tank release latches together, lowering the latch toward the nozzle.

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Step 2

Gently push the tank downward, toward the nozzle and lift it out. Open the tank cap. Fill the tank with warm tap water to the fill line indicator on the outside of the tank.


Step 3

Press the tank cap lid down to seal the tank. Place the tank back into position on the carpet cleaner above the nozzle. Lift the latch with one hand and slide the tank upward until you hear a click indicating the tank is locked in position.

Step 4

Remove the cleaner cartridge bottle cap. Insert the cleaner cartridge into the docking bay on the side of the machine so that the directions on the cartridge are facing out. Rotate the white lever on the cartridge from top to bottom to lock and seal it in place.


Step 5

Plug the electrical cord into an electrical outlet. Turn the "shampoo/ rinse" switch to "shampoo." Turn the "On/Off" switch on the right side to the "On" position.

Step 6

Slightly push down on the handle to lift the front nozzle off the carpet and balance the cleaner on the wheels. Push the carpet cleaner to a corner of the room. Lift the handle so the nozzle touches the carpet.


Step 7

Squeeze the "Spray" button on top of the handle while pulling the cleaner backward slowly. This releases the cleaner on the floor with water and sucks the dirty water into the bottom half of the water tank.

Step 8

Slightly push down on the handle to navigate the cleaner on its wheels to the next section of carpet. Squeeze the trigger on the handle to clean another section of carpet. Repeat cleaning sections of carpet, traveling across the room in this manner until the entire carpet is clean.


Step 9

Turn the "On/Off" switch to the "Off" position and empty the dirty water tank when it becomes full. Refill the top tank with fresh water to the fill line to continue cleaning carpets.


Specific set up and operating instructions vary by model.

Vacuum the carpet to remove all loose dust and dirt particles before using a carpet cleaner. This will allow less frequent emptying of the dirty water tank.

Low flow of fluid out of the carpet cleaner nozzle indicates that the clean water tank is almost empty and the dirty water tank needs emptying.

The top of the water tank holds clean water and the dirty water flows into the bottom of the tank.


Do not place cleaning solution in the water tank. Use only approved Oreck cleaning cartridges. Adding cleaning solution in the tank will clog the nozzle and not allow circulation of water to clean carpets.

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