Directions for Bissell Power Steamer Pro Deluxe

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The Bissell Power Steamer Pro Deluxe is designed for cleaning high traffic areas. The Power Steamer Pro comes with rotating brushes and automatic adjustments that provide deep cleaning in a gentle manner. The Bissell is easy to use, and one of its key features is that it provides a unique 2-in-1 water tank system that separately holds the clean and dirty water in one tank.



Ensure proper voltage. The Bissell Power Streamer Pro Deluxe requires a 120-volt circuit. Before using your steamer, make sure that your electrical plug is safely grounded and meets the voltage requirements. Always use genuine Bissell cleaning formula with your cleaner. Using non-Bissell cleaning agents may void your warranty.


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Water Tank

Prepare your tank with solution. Release the handle of the cleaner and lay the machine handle back to expose the water tank. Lift the tank's carry handle to remove the tank from the cleaner. The tank is designed to be carried like a water bucket. Rotate the handle of the tank and lift off the lid. Fill the tank with clean, hot tap-water. Do not use boiling water as it can damage the bladder of the tank. Replace the lid of the tank by matching the edges. The handle must be in a forward position to replace the lid. Once the lid is replaced, rotate the handle to the carrying position to securely latch the lid. Firmly replace the tank into the cleaner's base. Bring the cleaner's handle back into an upright position.


Formula Tank

Prepare your formula tank with solution. The SmartMix Tank is located near the front of the cleaner by the PowerBrush. This is the tank that holds your cleaning formula. Lift the formula tank up and out of the cleaner. Unscrew the cap and fill the tank with formula up to the indicator line. If you are using concentrated Bissell formula, only add three capfuls of formula, and then fill with warm water to the indicator line. Replace the cap and firmly place the formula tank into the cleaner's slot.


Cleaning Operation

Choose the appropriate traffic setting using the dial on the base of the machine. Your setting choices are High Traffic, Normal and Water Rinse. The cleaner will adjust the solution mix to meet your selection. Plug your cleaner into the outlet and turn on the power using the power switch. When cleaning, pay attention to your cleaning strokes. When you are pressing the formula trigger, make slow passes, forward and backwards to allow the cleaner to work. Do not over-apply or over-wet the carpet.


Release the trigger and make another slow pass, forward and backwards, over the area. This will remove residual dirty water and accelerate drying time. Repeat this step until you can no longer see water being sucked up into the cleaner. Bissell recommends that you complete your cleaning process by using the Water Rinse cycle. This cycle gives your carpet a final rinse to loosen embedded dirt.


Once you have completed your cleaning, empty your water tank by removing the tank from the machine. Empty the water and clean any leftover debris from the tank. Rinse the tank and lint screens with warm water. Leftover formula can be left in the cleaner for future use.



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