Bissell PowerSteamer ClearView Operating Directions

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Things You'll Need

  • Hot water

  • Cleaning formula

The Bissell PowerSteamer ClearView is a carpet cleaner equipped with a clear portion of the cleaning and recovery tank, allowing users to view their current progress and empty the tanks as necessary. The unit also includes a set of power brushes, built-in cleaner and a floor nozzle window that provide carpets with a deeper clean than a standard vacuum. Using the PowerSteamer is a fairly simple process but should only be done by adults because of the use of chemicals, heat and electricity.


Step 1

Clean the carpet surface with a standard vacuum to pull up excess dirt and debris prior to using the PowerSteamer.

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Step 2

Lay the PowerSteamer handle down and pull up on the water tank handle to remove the tank.

Step 3

Move the handle forward to lift the lid off the water tank and fill the tank with clean, hot water to the fill line.

Step 4

Close the lid and push the handle back to secure. Set the water tank on the unit, pushing the handle back to click into place.


Step 5

Lift up the formula tank from the base of the PowerSteamer, and remove the lid and included straw insert. Pour cleaning formula in the tank to the fill line and replace the straw insert and lid. Return the formula tank to the base of the machine.

Step 6

Set the "SmartMix" setting to the desired level of "High Rinse," "Normal" or "Water Rinse," noting that "Normal" is appropriate for most carpets and soil levels. Set the "Ready Tools" dial to the correct floor setting and plug the unit into a power outlet. Turn on the power switch.


Step 7

Squeeze the cleaning trigger and hold it while pushing the PowerSteamer forward and pulling it back. Release the trigger and push the machine forward and back again over the same area. Repeat this process in overlapping sections over the carpet area to be cleaned.

Step 8

Turn off and unplug the PowerSteamer when cleaning is complete. Empty and rinse the tanks before storing the unit.


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