Bissell PowerSteamer Deluxe Instructions

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Use hot tap water to fill the PowerSteamer tank.

Regularly cleaning your carpets will help limit the amount of bacteria and contaminates in your flooring. This is especially important if you have pets, small children or many people living in your home. Purchasing a steam-cleaning machine will help you keep your floors clean. The Bissell PowerSteamer Deluxe is the company's deep cleaning machine that steam cleans, scrubs and dries carpets.


Step 1

Step on the handle release and lower the handle to the floor. This will allow you to access the tank.

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Step 2

Lift the tank handle to unlock it from the machine and lift it from the PowerSteamer. Carry it to the sink.


Step 3

Lower the tank handle in the opposite direction to unlock to the lid. Remove the lid.

Step 4

Fill the measuring cup with cleaning solution. The measuring cup is a separate accessory that comes with the Bissell machine.


Step 5

Pour the solution into the tank through the spout.

Step 6

Fill the tank with hot tap water until the water level reaches the bottom of the spout neck.

Step 7

Replace the lid and raise the handle to lock it on the tank. Put it in the machine and lower the handle in the opposite direction to lock it in the PowerSteamer.


Step 8

Plug the machine in and turn it on.

Step 9

Press the trigger on the handle and push the machine forward and then back again over one part of the carpet. This will release the steam and the cleaning solution to penetrate the carpet fibers.


Step 10

Release the trigger and make a forward and back pass over the same area. This will activate the suction to remove the dirty water and cleaning solution.

Step 11

Continue cleaning the carpet and refilling the tank as necessary.


Step 12

Turn off the machine when it loses suction. This is because the dirty tank is full.

Step 13

Lower the machine handle and remove the water tank and lid.

Step 14

Pour out the dirty solution by tipping the tank in the direction of the lip. The tank has two compartments, one for the clean water and solution and another for the dirty solution.


Step 15

Refill the water tank with water and solution as you did before.

Step 16

Remove the lint screen from the back of the lid. You should clean the lint screen every time you empty the tank.

Step 17

Rinse the lint screen under clear water and return it to the back of the lid.


Step 18

Put the lid back on the water tank and lock the water tank back onto the machine.

Step 19

Continue cleaning the carpet and refilling the tank or emptying it as necessary.

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