Instructions for a Hoover Steamvac Plus 1000

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Things You'll Need

  • Hoover Spot and Stain Spray Cleaner

  • Hoover carpet shampoo

  • Hoover hard floor solution

  • Hot tap water

The primary cleaning parts of the Hoover Steamvac Plus 1000 consist of a suction motor, a pair of agitating brushes on the machine base, a solution spray nozzle, a cleaning solution tank and a waste water collecting tank. The machine is pushed around much like using an ordinary upright vacuum cleaner with the addition of scrubbing brushes and a cleaning solution. The Steamvac Plus 1000 can also be used on hard surfaces, like your kitchen tile floor or wooden patio.


Step 1

Remove the furniture away from the area so you can then clean the area using your regular vacuum.

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Step 2

Spray with a Hoover Spot and Stain Spray Cleaner on carpet stains and heavy traffic area. Wait for a few minutes for the cleaner to soak into the carpet.

Step 3

Push down on the Hoover Steamvac's cleaning solution tank handle then pull the tank forward. Place the tank in a sink to avoid spillage while you fill it with a cleaning solution and water.

Step 4

Turn counter-clock wise the tank cap to remove it. Pull up the flap inside of the filler neck then flip it outward to reveal the fill opening.


Step 5

Fill the cleaning solution tank with the suggested amount of carpet shampoo (read the instructions on the bottle) and the hottest water available. Use Hoover hard floor solution for cleaning bare floors. Check the fill marks on the tank to figure the amount of fluid you have used.

Step 6

Return the neck flap back to its place in the filler neck and replace the tank cap.


Step 7

Snap the cleaning solution tank into its place on the Steamvac's handle part.

Step 8

Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Flip the power switch on the base of the Steamvac to start the scrubbing brushes. There is a brush speed selector on the base for you to select the speed.


Step 9

Depress the trigger on the handle to eject the cleaning solution. Move forward the Steamvac to make your first pass.

Step 10

Pull backward over the area you just passed while continue depressing the trigger on the handle, ejecting more cleaning solution.


Step 11

Go forward and then backward over the same area but without depressing the trigger, to suck up the excess moisture on the brushed carpet.

Step 12

Place the Steamvac to the adjacent area. Start the next pass, slightly overlapping the previously cleaned area and repeat the cleaning process.


Step 13

Step on the left pedal when you are done cleaning to stop the Steamvac's scrubbing brushes.

Step 14

Lower the Steamvac's handle down all the way to its lowest position. First pull out the lower tank containing the waste water then the cleaning solution tank. Take both tanks to a sink. Pull back the handle on the waste water tank to release the water. Rinse thoroughly both tanks with warm water and let them air dry.

Step 15

Detach and rinse the brushes and air dry them. Reattach the tanks and brushes to the Steamvac.


Go over the same area multiple times with the Steamvac for deep soiled carpets but no more than four times or risk carpet damage from saturated fluid.


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