Bissell Power Steamer Upright Deep Cleaner Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Hot water

  • Cleaning formula

The Bissell PowerSteamer is an upright carpet cleaner designed for deep carpet cleaning that is available for purchase online or in select home retail, department or appliance stores. The PowerSteamer comes with a limited warranty and has a 6.25 amp motor, rotating power brush system, 25-foot cord and a 15-inch-wide cleaning path. Only adults should operate the carpet cleaner because of its use of electricity and hot water, and the overall weight of the device.


Step 1

Set the PowerSteamer handle down and lift up the handle on the tank to pull the tank out of the base. Rotate the tank handle toward you and set aside the lid. Pour hot water into the tank to the mark on the side of the tank.

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Step 2

Close the tank lid and replace in the base of the unit. Ensure the handle is pushed back to lock into place. Pull the formula tank out of the base and unscrew the lid. Pour in Bissell brand cleaning formula to the mark on the side of the tank and close the lid. Set back into the unit.


Step 3

Raise the PowerSteamer handle and turn the "SmartMix Dial" to the desired cleaning level. Pick "High Traffic" if cleaning ground-in dirt, "Normal" for most cleaning situations or "Water Rinse" for delicate carpet surfaces. Turn the "Ready Tools Dial" to the right setting for the floor type to be cleaned. Plug in the power cord and turn the power switch to "On."


Step 4

Squeeze the cleaning trigger, located on the handle, and move the PowerSteamer in a back and forth pass over the wet surface. Move it back and forth again without pressing the trigger. Repeat over the entire carpet area.

Step 5

Turn off the PowerSteamer when finished and unplug. Remove the tank and open the lid. Clean the filter on the lid top with cool water and rinse out the upper and lower tanks. Reassemble the tanks in the unit once dry and store in a clean, dry place.


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