Types of Private Security

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Private security comes in many forms.

Private security provides homeowners and business owners with peace of mind in the knowledge that they are always protected. If you opt for private security, you do not have to risk a possible slow response time by law enforcement that may be overwhelmed with other emergencies. There are different types of private security, from your own personal security guard to private patrol services.



The technologies of private security have advanced over recent years. If you have a home video monitoring system, it is possible to access it from a computer or a cell phone application no matter where you are in the world. If you are on vacation or simply out for the day, you can immediately be notified of a break-in via text message or e-mail.


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Private Alarm Response

According to Private Security, a security company in California, when an alarm is triggered, a police officer will only do a drive-by of the property. They say that the only way to assure your property is checked around its perimeter is to hire a company that provides private alarm response. A security officer will be sent to your home or business and make sure there are no signs of an illegal entry anywhere on your property.


Private Patrol Services

Private patrol services consist of having a security officer patrol your business or home at certain times that are determined by you. The likelihood of an intrusion becomes much less if it is common knowledge that the property is being periodically monitored during any 24-hour period.


Private Security Guards

It is also possible to hire an armed or unarmed private security guard on an as-needed basis. Security guards may be hired for nightly watch on your business if you have had a problem with break-ins or if you have terminated an employee and wish to have him escorted out without incident. Maybe you want personal protection if, for some reason, you have received threats and are in fear for your life. They are also used for short-term protection such as business events or private home parties.



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