Troubleshooting for Hunter Sprinkler Systems

Troubleshoot your Hunter sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking great.
Troubleshoot your Hunter sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking great. (Image: Park Sprinkler image by Gary Ng from

A Hunter automatic sprinkler system takes the hassle out of watering your lawn. Unfortunately, there are many moving parts in the system that can break down after repeated use. If you find that some parts must be replaced, make sure you use a replacement part that is compatible with your Hunter sprinkler system. Check the Hunter customer service website or your owner's manual to find the correct part number.

Things You'll Need

  • Owner's manual
  • Screwdriver
  • Shovel (if needed)
  • PVC pipe (if needed)

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Verify that the Hunter sprinkler system is plugged in and the circuit breaker switch has not been tripped.

Try to turn the sprinkler system on manually. If this works, the problem lies within the electronic control box. Check the display panel on the box to see if it is working. If nothing is shown on the display, the wiring may be faulty. Replace the entire control box instead of trying to open it up yourself.

Make sure the display on the control box shows the correct time. Consult the owner's manual for the procedure to set the clock on your system.

Inspect the individual sprinkler heads if you are having problems with misdirected or weak spraying. Turn off the water supply and replace any broken or cracked heads you find, then turn the water back on. Clean off any debris that may be interfering with the water stream. Adjust the screw on top of the sprinkler to increase or decrease the water flow.

Clear out any rocks, dirt or other debris that is stuck inside the valve if your Hunter sprinkler system is not able to turn on or off properly. Shut off the water supply and remove the valve cover to access the inside of the valve. Turn the water back on and test the system again after cleaning out the valve. If it still does not work, the valve probably is defective and should be replaced.

Look for leaks in the pipes if your sprinklers have a weak spray. This is usually an indication that there is a crack in one of the underground PVC pipes that is reducing the system's water pressure. Look for areas where one sprinkler has a stronger spray than the one next to it. Use a shovel to carefully dig out the dirt around the pipe. Once you find the leak, shut off the water supply. Replace the damaged section with a new piece of PVC pipe and turn the water back on.


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