How to Use Sharpie Markers on Foil

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Things You'll Need

  • Sharpie marker

  • Aluminum foil

Use Sharpie markers on foil to decorate or label.

Aluminum foil has many uses in the home, including food storage, lining an oven or grill grate and even as giftwrap. If you use foil to wrap food items before you store them, label the items to ensure you know the contents. When you use foil for giftwrap, you may want to add a few squiggles or shapes to jazz it up. With a Sharpie permanent marker, you can quickly label wrapped food items or decorate makeshift wrapping paper.


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Step 1

Select a Sharpie marker in a bright or bold color that you will easily see in contrast over the aluminum foil. Red, purple, black, blue or dark green colors are suitable color that you can see over the reflection of aluminum foil. For giftwrap decorating, select more than one Sharpie color.


Step 2

Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil large enough to wrap the food item or gift. You may need more than one sheet of aluminum foil to wrap a gift.

Step 3

Lay the aluminum foil flat on a counter or table. According to Reynolds Wrap, there is no inherent difference between the shiny and dull sides of aluminum foil when you use it to wrap food. For decorating giftwrap, place the aluminum foil with whichever side you want to decorate facing up. For wrapping food, place the aluminum foil with whichever side you want closest to the food facing up.


Step 4

Set the food in the center of the aluminum foil and bring the edges of the foil together over the food. Roll the edges together to wrap the food until the edges lie flat against the food. Roll each short end of the aluminum foil under until these ends lie flat against the sides of the food package.


Step 5

Write the contents of the package and the date you are packing the food on the top side of the aluminum foil with the Sharpie marker. Decorate the aluminum foil giftwrap with lines, shapes or other decorations using the Sharpie markers.

Step 6

Wrap a gift with the decorated aluminum foil, placing the decorated side of the foil facing out. Due to the rolling and sealing ability of aluminum foil, you will not need tape to wrap your gift.



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