How to Use a Pampered Chef Corkscrew

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Open wine bottles with a Pampered Chef corkscrew.
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Pampered Chef offers a full line of cooking tools for you to create a wonderful meal for family and friends. A good bottle of wine can complement your meal, and using a Pampered Chef wine opener makes opening a bottle easy. Select from a manual or electric wine opener so that you are ready for your next gathering.


Pampered Chef Wine Opener

The Pampered Chef wine opener has a single lever and makes opening a bottle of wine easy so you don't have to struggle to pull the cork out of the bottle. In addition, the corkscrew has a nonstick coating so that it doesn't stick to the cork and cause the cork to break. It is a durable wine opener, and Pampered Chef offers a one-year guarantee on the product.

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To open a bottle of wine, start by positioning the included foil cutter around the top of the bottle. Hold the foil cutter in place and rotate the bottle two to three times. Remove the foil cutter from the top of the bottle and peel the foil from the top of the bottle, exposing the cork.

The wine opener has a cap that protects the corkscrew while in storage. Remove the cap and place the wine opener on top of the bottle, ensuring the lever is lifted up. Holding the wine opener securely over the bottle, squeeze the lever closed until it is fully in the lowered position. Then, adjust your grip to firmly hold the top of the bottle with one hand and with the other hand, lift the lever back up, removing the cork from the bottle. Finally, lower the lever again and then hold the trigger of the opener while lifting the lever to remove the cork from the corkscrew.


Pampered Chef Electric Wine Opener

The electric wine opener takes a bit more space but makes opening a bottle of wine even easier with just the push of a button. The electric opener is rechargeable and also has a one-year guarantee.


The electric opener also includes a foil cutter that doubles as a base for the electric opener. Use the foil cutter to remove the foil from the bottle of wine as you would with the manual wine opener.

Secure the wine bottle with one hand and with the other hand, position the electric wine opener over the cork. Press the button with the down arrow to activate the electric opener. When the motor turns off, the cork has been removed, and you can remove the wine opener from the top of the bottle. Press the button with the up arrow and the machine will remove the cork from the corkscrew.


Wine Opener Cleaning and Charging

Pampered Chef wine openers are not dishwasher safe and should not be immersed in water. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the wine opener and foil cutter as needed. Be sure to dry the pieces immediately and store the wine opener in the included storage bag.


The electric wine opener can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not attempt to open the electric opener and clean any of the internal components. Make sure the product is not plugged in during cleaning. You can recharge the electric wine opener at any time in just an hour using an adapter or USB port. When the blue light on the opener turns off, the opener is fully charged.



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