How to Make Funny Adult Halloween Costumes at Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Old dress or basic pants and shirt (preferably in brown, tan or a moss green color)

  • Silk leaves, ivy or other leafy plant

  • Wire cutter

  • Twigs, acorn, or small pinecones

  • Hot glue gun

  • Green face paint (optional)

  • Green temporary spray-on hair color

  • Black sweat suit or old black pants and black t-shirt

  • Yellow and white acrylic paint

  • Small artist paintbrush

  • Colored tape (optional)

  • Old miniature toy cars (collected from thrift shops, garage sales and a toy box)

Silk leaves will make a ghoulish swamp monster costume.

Making your own Halloween costume is a creative and economical way to enjoy the holiday. Halloween costumes are expensive and often you only wear them one time. Adult costumes can be particularly expensive. You do not have to be an artist or especially talented to create a hilarious costume. All it takes is a little imagination and a few simple items to construct a funny and inexpensive outfit for Halloween and costume parties.

Swamp Person Costume

Step 1

Glue leaves all over your outfit by using a hot glue gun, according to the Martha Stewart website. Larger silk plants, like philodendrons or pothos will cover the area quickly and you can separate the leaves by using wire cutters. You can find inexpensive silk leaves at discount stores and hobby and craft stores.

Step 2

Use ivy or any other type of silk leaf garland to create vines going up or around your outfit. You can simply glue them at various places to ensure they do not fall off.

Step 3

Cover as much of your outfit as you choose in the green leaves, but the more your clothing is covered the better your swamp costume will look, particularly on the front of your outfit.

Step 4

Glue acorns, small pinecones or twigs to your clothes to enhance the look of your outfit. Avoid placing these items anywhere they will be uncomfortable if you sit down on them. You can even add rubber or plastic fake frogs, worms or fish to enhance the look of the swamp costume.

Step 5

Spray your hair with temporary spray-on hair color and place a few twigs in your hair.

Step 6

Spread green face paint all over your face and your arms if they are showing.

Highway Pileup

Step 1

Paint stripes onto a black sweat suit to create the look of a highway. You can use white paint for the middle lanes and yellow paint for the sides of the highway. Colored masking tape or duct or painters tape would also work for this. Let the highway extend from your ankle all the way up to your chest area.

Step 2

Glue inexpensive toy cars from a dollar store or garage sale to the highway by using a hot glue gun. Place them intermittently all up and down your painted highway.

Step 3

Create a pileup of cars by hot gluing three or four cars together at odd angles and on top of each other.