How to Make Woven Celtic Bracelets

The Celtic knot bracelet is meant to bring good fortune to those individuals fortunate enough to have one. The Celtic knot has been noted in history since 450 A.D. This knot has two other names. It is referred to as the mystic or endless knot. The Celtic knot symbolizes the fact that there is no beginning or end. The wisdom within the knot points to the cycle of life and death that humans inevitably follow. The Celtic knot also symbolizes the birth and rebirth of the human soul.

Celtic knot

Things You'll Need

  • 150 inches hemp

  • Project board

  • Stick pins

  • Scissors

Step 1

Pin one end of the hemp to the center of the project board leaving a 1-inch tail. Create an equilateral triangle the size of the desired finished bracelet by pinning each corner down to the project board. Place the long end of the cord under the tail of the first end of hemp that was pinned to the board and pin in place to form the equilateral triangle.

Step 2

Create an inverted equilateral triangle with the long hemp cord. Bring the cord out to the side of the point of the first triangle and pin in place. Place the hemp cord under the side of the first triangle and under the bottom to form the peak of the inverted triangle. Pin into place. Continue with the long hemp cord and place it under the second side of the original triangle and bring it up to make the bottom point of the inverted triangle and pin into place. Continue to the starting place of the inverted triangle and place the cord under the pinned corner and secure with another pin. The shape will look like a six-pointed star.

Step 3

Begin working with the bottom point of the six-pointed star closest to where the long hemp cord is pinned. Place the end of cord over the top of the outside line of the six-pointed star opening. Place the cord under the inverted triangle cord making up the six-pointed star point. Place the cord over the bottom of the first triangle that forms the second point on the six-pointed star then under the cord of the inverted triangle.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 for the other four points left on the six-pointed star design.

Step 5

Tighten the Celtic knot by following the entire design and pulling the cord gently to remove any slack. Cut the ends of the finished Celtic knot bracelet to 1 inch. Glue to the back of the knot to hide the beginning and end.


This Celtic knot may be made to any size simply by adjusting the size of the original triangle formed on the project board.