How to Make a Macrame Necklace With a Net for Stones

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • 336 inches 1mm cording

  • 16 inches 2 mm cording

  • Stone

Use macrame cord to knot a net necklace in which to keep stones.

Macrame is a knotted craft made from hemp, nylon, silk or cotton cording. You can use different knot patterns to create a variety of projects like ladders, hammocks, jewelry and more. While a repetition of knots may not seem like it could create beautiful works of art, you can actually use macrame to create intricate Bohemian accessories. Create macrame net necklaces to hold stones that match the natural aesthetic of the craft, using larks head and square knot patterns.


Step 1

Cut 12 28-inch strands of the 1mm cording using the scissors.

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Step 2

Attach each of the 1 mm strands to the 2mm cording strand using larks head knots. Fold a 1mm strand in half, and slide underneath the 2 mm cording. Cross the working ends of the 1 mm strand over the 2 mm strand and through the loop of the 1 mm strand; pull taut.

Step 3

Slide the 12 larks head knots to the center of the 2mm cording, pushing the knots flush to one another. Separate the 1 mm strands into 6 groups of four strands each.

Step 4

Secure each group with a square knot. Cross the left most strand over the inner two strands and under the right most strand. Slide the right strand underneath the inner two strands and up through the loop created by the left most strand; pull the working strands taut.


Step 5

Tie alternating square knots 1/4 inch below the first row of square knots. Separate two groups to work with at a time, and number the strands 1-8. Tie a square knot using strands 3-6.

Step 6

Repeat the alternating square knot process, working two groups at a time, around the first row of square knots. Repeat the alternating square knot process to create 3 or more rows of netting, depending on the size of stone the net needs to fit.


Step 7

Turn the net pouch inside out and tie a row of square knots to finish the net sequence. Tie a final row of square knots using only two strands, one from each half of the net. Repeat the two-stranded square knot until all strands have been knotted.

Step 8

Trim the ends of the net to desired length using the scissors.

Step 9

Place the stone in the net and pull the 2mm cords taut to secure the drawstring net. Knot the ends of the 2mm cord to create the necklace.


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